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Download the MSI-package   here

  • Two versions: admin and user
    • Admin is called Vobbiz-admin.msi
    • User is called Vobbiz.msi
      • Will need admin privileges when installing.
      • App will be installed in %ProgramFiles%\\Vobbiz and be available for all users on the computer.
      • Shortcut is created on all users' desktop.
      • When a user starts the app, settings will be stored in %AppData%\\Roaming\\Vobbiz.
      • Tested with msiexec (run PowerShell as admin):
          • Install
        msiexec /i Vobbiz-admin.msi
          • Quiet install with no visible UI
        msiexec /i Vobbiz-admin.msi /qn
          • Uninstall
        msiexec /x Vobbiz-admin.msi

    Admin version will not auto-update!

    • Will be installed for a single user.
    • App will be installed in: %AppData%\\Local\\Programs\\Vobbiz
    • User settings will be stored in: %AppData%\\Roaming\\Vobbiz
    • User version will auto-update.

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