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Release notes Vobbiz 1.19.0

  • Update live: 2022-12-13
  • Platforms: All

What's new?

  • We’ve launched Contact groups & shared contacts. A feature we know you’ve been looking forward to!

    Now possible to create shared contacts in the app making them available for all users in a group. Contacts can be added:

    • Manually
    • Selected from contacts
    • Via file import
    • Via paste from a list
    When adding members to a group you could either choose one or combine all users, selected users, roles, and or teams.

    A shared contact will become searchable in the app for all group members and will be available in search, and in dialer.

    The contact will also trigger a number lookup for incoming calls & history.

    You’ll find Contacts under Organisation Settings -> Contacts, access to contacts requires the permission Contacts.

  • Some users find it convenient to get an email notification when receiving a new voicemail, to them we say: be our guest!

    You can now activate a voicemail notification on both a user’s voicemail and an answer group.

    • User: Email will be sent to the user’s main email by default, option to add multiple custom email addresses.
    • Answer group: Email will be sent according to agents/supervisor’s settings and/or multiple custom email addresses
  • Sometimes your line state can get stuck busy in cyberspace, if this should happen, we’ve made it possible for you to clear it. Once cleared you will be available for calls again.

    Located under Telephony & Conference –> Advanced –> Stuck line state

  • We've added more functionality when editing another user. Depending on your permissions, it's now possible to:

    • Change agent tier in an answer group
    • Remove as an agent in an answer group
    • See all groups that the selected user is supervisor in, possible to remove
    • When selecting roles, the enabled permissions will show
    • Possible to edit Role settings if you have permission Roles & Permission

    The permission Users & Teams enables edit user

  • With this new feature, we will give selected users access to another user’s personal settings.

    Given the permission, you will be able to log in as other users and make changes to said users’ personal settings. When logging in to a user’s personal setting it will appear in the new Audit log.

    New permission Internal Administration – Personal Settings required.

  • To summarize the changes made we’ve added more information in the logs. Now possible to view:

    • Sign-ins to SuperAdmin/Personal settings
    • Cleared line states
    • Changes to email addresses for voicemails
  • Super search is an organization-wide search that enables you to search for users, answer groups, IVRs, and numbers to quickly access edit menus.

    Access to Super Search is determined via the new permission Super Search



Fixes & changes

    • Due to changes in the permission menus, Roles & Permissions has become a new permission. This means that users with access to it (before this update) via the permission Users & Teams will lose access to it.

    This change will not affect Account owners, they will per default have access to Roles & Permissions and can distribute it accordingly.

    • If an activity sync account needs re-authentication a dialog will appear and re-authentication can be made.
    • We have changed supplier on TTS in the system, we’re now using Google. This will not affect active usage on answer groups, voicemails, etc.
    • Don’t close calls with esc (hangup via H still active)
    • Fix missing caller number in callee's call log after answering via a conference invite
    • H activated to hangup a conference call
    • Show sender and message from shared message in notifications
    • Team name is now searchable when searching for channels (good while looking for general in team X in quick navigator)
    • Fixed a race that could lead to stuck chat unread badges
    • Removed extra space under chat input when a toast is visible or a dialog is minimized
    • Fixed so scroll is always prevented when swiping to close chat and other views
    • Fixed a problem where inlined attachment images sometimes didn't show
    • New customer invoice layout
    • Current activity edit is now available in personal settings as well
    • Map audio devices and cameras by name and not only ID when determining if they are starred or not. Solves a problem where Windows change IDs on devices seemingly randomly (e.g. when docking a laptop).

New & updated guides

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