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Release notes Vobbiz 1.18.0

  • Update live: 2022-10-18 
  • Platforms: All

What’s new?

  • YAAAAS! You can now activate a toast that appears in the app and reminds you of upcoming meetings, from there the time counts down to when the meeting starts and you can easily join via the toast


  • We’ve updated the workday settings which include some new sweet features, such as flexible choices and lunch break. Besides Mon – Fri, there’s now an option to customize your settings


  • As you have longed for! It’s now possible to enable notifications to agents and supervisors when a new voicemail is left in an answer group. Hurray

  • We are expanding our integrations library further, the latest being Upsales which enables the user to keep track of callers with caller ID via Upsales, see activities, and more

  • Whether you work in the office, at home, or in a café, there is often disturbing background noise that "leaks" into your conversation. To minimize these, we have now ensured that, via the app, you can filter out disturbing background noise in your calls and conferences.

    Works on calls to and from desktop and Android app.

  • The Mac app is now built for both Intel processors and Apple Silicon, meaning that the app is more performant on M1 and M2 Macs. The app knows which processor you have and runs accordingly.

  • Now possible to edit other users' activity status from the contact page. From there you can choose a new or edit the active one.

    Access to this feature comes with the permission "Users & Teams"" 



Fixes and changes

    • Fixed a problem where the emoji picker was too high when the search field had focus
    • Now possible to swipe from the left edge of the screen to close chat channels, emails, and contacts on iPhones.
    • More miscellaneous minor issues fixed
    • Video settings are remembered between sessions (useful for guests mostly)
    • Mirror own video preview when appropriate (can be turned off in personal settings)
    • Faster loading of large animated backgrounds
    • Unmute via your own muted icon
    • Extracted video conference settings from advanced to own tab in personal settings
    • Fix missing caller-ID when receiving a MEX call from a web client through an answer group. (Only the “numeric ID” was shown)
    • Fixed missing key shortcut hints, “(q)” for example, for a title on buttons
    • Create/Edit user design updated
    • More miscellaneous minor issues fixed

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