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Release notes Vobbiz 1.15.0

  • QUICK_NAVIGATOR.svgUpdate live: 2022-05-03
  • SETTINGS_GEAR.svgPlatforms: All 


  • A big job was done in the calendar views. We added a new standard view and,

    • Added an agenda view
    • Added drag n drop
    • Made it possible to edit times etc. via drag
    • Displayed conferences in the agenda view allowing user to connect direct
    • Fixed touch friendly navigation
    • Made large screens work better with date picker and agenda list
    See fixes below!
  • With this update we now allow users to choose up to 10 favourite emojis for quick reactions instead of 5. It’s now possible to choose a custom number of emojis (up to 10) e.g., 3, 7 or 10.



Fixar & ändringar

    • Fixed an issue where extra new lines were added when editing a calendar event
    • A great number of small fixes and enhancements
    • We now allow guest conferencing on iOS Safari initialized from conference links
    • Use Safari WebRTC for video on iOS
    • Fixed an issue where video could end up totally black if toggling camera on/off too fast
    • Conferences on iPad can now be docked.
    • Fixed issue where the number of logged in agents in the side view was not properly updated when changing the status of an agent from the supervisor dashboard
    • Agents list show prepared user suffix for prepared user agents

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