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Release notes Vobbiz 1.17.0

  • QUICK_NAVIGATOR.svgUpdate live: 2022-08-30
  • SETTINGS_GEAR.svgPlatforms: All 

What’s new?

  • We know, our app isn’t the only one used for collaboration. Therefore, we thought it would be smart to make sure that our app displays line state from MS Teams.

    If you are in a call or meeting in Teams, we will via our new integration, sync your Teams line state to our app. Ensuring that you don’t get missed calls while in a meeting.

  • This next-level integration allows you to dictate your activity statuses via your Outlook calendar. Choose what should happen with the Outlook statuses free, tentative, busy, out of office, and working elsewhere

  • A phenomenal work was done with our conferences, a job so well done that have dubbed it “video conference 2.0”. This update includes several new features and improvements. Read more about them below.

  • Our new view keeps a nice minimum size of participants and only shows those that were active latest. There’s no popping when replacing participants in the grid, replace inline is based on the last activity.

  • This new mode allows you to show presenter screen, cam, and the rest of the participants at the same time. Also, possible to choose to have the participants shown above or under.

  • Implementation and further development of the AI in the app now allow us to activate these features in the app:

    • Backdrop image (uses current contact backdrop)
    • Logo wall (generated from the organization logo)
    • Background blur
    • Enhanced lightning option, applicable on all above
  • Simulcast is as cool as it sounds. Thanks to this sweet feature we’re able to send multiple video qualities at the same time which will allow us to send the right quality to the receiver based on their video and quality setting.

    It also allows us to send a lower quality (audio/video) if we detect network congestion and other problems like a busy CPU.

  • Select the video quality, high or low resolution. Select the size of the outgoing video (applicable on chrome and desktop app) Choose between:

    • Normal (square)
    • Double (for conference rooms or other places with several people present
    • Automatic (Employs automatic multi-face detection and sets size based on number of people detected and will zoom and pan to keep users’ faces centered)
  • Now possible to trigger the native SMS function via the app (iOS & Android)

  • A new codec that will provide higher quality audio (Higher quality, when possible, dependent on circumstances like mobile coverage and internet connection)

  • Updated electron version, from 15 to 19. Will ensure a more stable app.



Fixes & changes

  • Possible to mute all, not yet muted, participants except the user itself.

  • Send notifications to mobile devices when no-agent-logged-in.

  • Slackbot should now display buttons as clickable links, for this function to work you need to have a synced channel between the app and Slack

  • Calendar overview of upcoming survey plans for each team.

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