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Organization settings

Under each tab you will see what the different permissions give access to so that you can create the right roles to assign users in your organisation.

Once you have an assigned permission, you can view and edit the settings under those tabs.

At the bottom of this page you will find our suggested packages for different types of users.

  • If you activate the Organisation settings, you/the person assigned to the role with that permission will have access to all the permissions under that tab, i.e. Account, Roles & Permissions, Users & Team, Guests, Telephony, Contacts, Survey & Insights.

    This permission is usually only given to administrators, since the user will ha full access.
  • The Account permission allows the user to manage your account settings, purchase licenses & view the audit log, among other things. This permission is best suited for selected administrators.

    Access to feature/setting  
    Company profile
    Mobile subscriptions
    Add ons
    Audit logs
  • Lets' the user access to create roles, edit existing ones and assign permissions to other users, among other things

    Access to feature/setting
    Default permissions
    Guest permissions
    Call log search
  • With the Manage cost centers permission, you allow the user to, among other things, set up cost centers on your invoices. The permission is best suited to selected administrators or financial managers.

    Access to function/setting  
    Create new cost centers
    Create separate invoice per cost center
    Create grouped invoice by cost center
    Change invoice details and method
  • A user with this permission will have access to create new users, edit existing ones, create new teams and administer existing ones, among other things.

    Access to feature/setting  
    Entra ID sync
  • With this permission, users can create guests and generate invitation links.

    Access to feature/setting  
    Create guests
  • This permission allows the user to manage everything related to your telephony, such as buying & assigning numbers, creating & managing answer groups and handle call recording.

    Access to feature/setting  
    Fixed numbers
    Mobile numbers
    Answer groups
    Call routing
    Sound files
    Display numbers
    Call recording
  • This permission gives the user access to create new, edit existing and delete contact groups

    Access to feature/setting  
    Shared contacts
    Create contact groups
  • This permission allows the user distribute existing licenses amogst users and answer groups. To purchase additional licenses: Account permission is required.

    Access to feature/setting  
    Edit and distribute survey licenses 
  • This permission allows the user to manage the organization's integrations, make changes in priorities, connect new, and disconnect existing

    Access to feature/setting  
    Connect new and disconnect integrations
    Edit existing integrations
  • This permission allows the user to create and manage wallboards

    Access to feature/setting  
    Create new wallboards
    Manage existing wallboards


These permissions will give access to edit Teams the users are a part of and create new channels in them

  • Access to feature/setting  
    Edit & remove teams
    Add members to a team
  • Access to feature/setting  
    Edit & archive channels
    Create new & add users to existing channels


With this permission, you grant users access to selected features.

  • Access to feature/setting  
    View and analyze call data on one or more answer groups
    View and analyze call data on one or more users

Internal administration

These permissions, individually or in combination, give users access to search and edit other users within the same organisation. Best issued to the IT manager/administrator.  

  • Super Search is an organisation-wide search that allows you to search users, answering groups, IVRs and numbers in one place and quickly edit anything if needed.

    Access to feature/setting  
    Super search
  • This permission gives a user access and editing capabilities to another user's personal settings. For easy administration.

    Access to feature/setting  
    Edit other user's personal settings

Suggested packages

  • TBA

  • TBA

  • TBA

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