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Shared contact with Microsoft 365 / Office 365

Once you have connected your Microsoft 365 account to the app, you will have access to your shared Office contacts. You will be able to search your shared contact book in Microsoft 365.

When your shared contacts are uploaded, they become searchable for everyone in the app who has integrated their Microsoft 365 account.

When you search for a contact that is in Microsoft 365, the Office logo appears on the contact.
  • This can only be done by Office 365 administrators.

    • Log in to your Microsoft 365 admin center
    • Click on Users -> Contact
    • Upload your csv-file with you contacts (up to 40 contacts per import)

    Search is performed only to the First Name and Last Name fields in Microsoft 365, so for example the field Display name is not searchable, so remember to popularize the fields First name and Last name in Microsoft 365 when you add contacts.

  • To import a larger number of contacts, this is done via Powershell.

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