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Who can access users & teams?

  • Users with the permission Users & Teams can view and edit the settings

Access users & teams

  • To access users & teams, click SETTINGS GEAR.svg expand the list USERS.svg


  • First of all, you need to have licenses available to create a user. If you have 0 unassigned you need to purchase more. You will find it under account settings. 

    To create a user:

    1. Click ADD ROUND.svg
    2. Add User ID (Email / Mobile number)
    3. Type in the personal info
    4. Type in the additional information (optional)
    5. Choose license type
    6. Select mobile & fixed numbers (If applicable)
    7. Copy the mobile number
    8. Click on EDIT PEN.svg next to the fixed number
    9. Paste the mobile number under Connected number and click save
    10. Add additional display numbers (e.g. an answer group) and default country code prefix
    11. Assign roles to the user, possible to expand en view which permissions are given via the roles
    12. Add teams (added automatically if previous tied to roles)
    13. Choose language for statuses and time zone
    14. At the top, choose to create and send the invite right away (default) or:
    15. At the top, toggle off  OFF.svg and it will become a prepared user you can invite later
    16. Click create

    User-ID is used as ID for login, resetting password etc.

  • To edit or delete a user, select the right one and expand it EXPAND RIGHT GRADIENT.svg

    To edit: 

    1. Edit the things you want to change
    2. Click save
    To delete:
    1. At the bottom
    2. Click remove user
    3. Click yes

    This can not be undone. If you delete a user you can not restore it.

  • If you created a user and chose to not send the invite right away this is where you will find it. To activate a prepared user:

    1. Expand send invites EXPAND RIGHT GRADIENT.svg
    2. Choose all or a specific user
    3. Click send
    The invite will be sent to the email address you chose when creating the user.
  • The export is done in Excel format, and you have the option to choose between exporting either active users, prepared users, or both. The export file will contain all the information available about the users.

    1. Click VERTICAL ELIPSIS.svg
    2. Click DOWNLOAD.svg to export users
    3. Toggle ON.svg to include active users in the export
    4. Toggle ON.svg to include prepared users in the export


Here you can create new teams and edit existing. 

  • A teams is usually a department, and it is where you gather all the department-specific channels
    You can create a team from this menu with the steps bellow or via the main interface using this guide

    1. Click USERS.svg
    2. Give the team a name
    3. Select the members you want to add to the team
    4. Click create
  • To edit a existing team, click to expand it EXPAND RIGHT GRADIENT.svgThere is a few things you can do and edit in here: 

    • Change the name of the team
    • Change the avatar, by clicking on EDIT PEN.svg
    • Choose which roles that automatically should be a part of the team
    • See lists of public and private channels
    • Create new channels
    • Add more members to the team
    Dont forget to click save after you have made your changes.
  • A disabled team will no longer be visible for users. It can be enabled again. To disable:

    1. Expand the team you want to disable
    2. At the bottom, mark disabled
    3. Click save

Roles & permissions

  • A role is a set of permissions you can add to users in order to do things a bit easier, for example, you can create a role named administrator for telephony, and everyone with that role can administrate the telephony part in the app.

    To create a new role: 

    1. Click ADD SQUARE.svg
    2. Give it a name, e.g. administrator for telephony
    3. Give the role the permission(s) you want
    4. Choose to automatically give users with this role access to a team and its' channels
    5. Choose team permissions if you assign a team to a role
    6. Assign the role to users
    7. Click create
  • You can edit existing roles if needed. Just follow these steps:

    1. Expand EXPAND RIGHT GRADIENT.svgthe role you want to edit
    2. Edit as needed
    3. Click save
    To delete a role:
    1. Expand EXPAND RIGHT GRADIENT.svgthe role you want to delete
    2. At the bottom, click delete
    3. Click yes

    Deleting the role will affect all role members. Connected team memberships, etc, will be revoked.

  • We highly recommend you to be working with roles, with that said, there is another way to give users permissions to view & edit things in the app (If you are not using roles)

    To give all users default permissions:
    1. Expand the list permissions EXPAND RIGHT GRADIENT.svg
    2. Choose the permissions
    3. Click save

    Instead of this, we recommend you to work with roles. When working with roles it is easier to bulk edit and give multiple users the same permissions.

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