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PBX Packages

  •   Mini Light Unlimited
    Answer Group  1 2 Unlimited
    IVR  2 Unlimited
    Call Log
    Fax Inbox 1

    1: Additional answer groups can be purchased as add-ons

    2: Additional IVR can be purchased for the Light package, not possible for Mini
    3: Analytics & Call Log cannot be purchased as add-ons for Mini

User Licenses

  •   Mobile Pro
    Mobile App
    Answer Group Agent
    Dashboard in Answer Group
    Line Status
    Video Call
    VoIP Call
    Phone Conference
    Video Conference
    M365 Integration
    Google Workspace Calendar integration
    Ability to Invite Guests
    Share Files
    Create Users
    Create Chat/Team/Channel
    Transfer Calls Between Devices
    Desktop App
    Web App
    Supervisor in Answer Group
    Ability to Log In/Out Colleagues
    Share Screen

    1: A mobile user can view a shared screen on their phone but cannot share their own screen.

Answer Groups

  •   Mobile Pro
    Number of Logged-In Agents Unlimited Unlimited
    Number of Calls in Queue Unlimited Unlimited
    Self-Service in Mobile
    Welcome Message
    Log In/Out from Mobile App
    Queue Message
    Different Ring Strategies for Agents
    Pick Up Calls from Queue
    Voice Mailbox
    Call Overflow
    Analytics Connection
    Self-Service in Desktop & Web App
    Log In/Out from Desktop & Web App
    Supervisor in Answer Group
    Log In/Out Other Agents


  •   Mini Light Unlimited
    Analytics Add-on
    Call Log Add-on
    Insights Add-on Add-on
    Call Recording - User Add-on Add-on Add-on
    Call Recording - Answer Group Add-on Add-on Add-on
    Survey Add-on Add-on Add-on
    SMS Portal Add-on Add-on Add-on
    ID Check Add-on Add-on Add-on

    1: Analytics, call log, and Insights cannot be purchased as add-ons for Mini

We reserve the right to change the licenses and create new ones. We are not responsible for any typographical or printing errors.

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