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It's now easier to see who is calling, even if the number is not in your contact list. You get notifications that provide additional information about the call. This can range from who is calling and which answer group they have selected, to information about the company and data from your CRM system.
  • Receive a notification for incoming calls on your mobile phone, which can include the caller's name, company, and answer group, if applicable. If you have Insights enabled, the notification will also include data from your CRM.

    Activate Number Lookup as a Notification

      • Click SETTINGS GEAR.svg select your personal settings
      • Click EYE.svg Look & Feel -> Experimental
      • Toggle ON.svg "Show notification on mobile devices with info about the caller"

    For this to work, notifications must be enabled on your mobile device

  • Caller ID on iPhone

    This guide is aimed at iPhone users

    What is Caller ID?

    By activating Caller ID, you allow your iPhone to fetch contact information from the app so you can see who is calling, even though you do not have the contact saved in your local contact list.

    In the scenario where the incoming party is among the app's contacts but not yours, you will, with the function active, see who is calling.


    caller id wholesale.pngcallerID wholesale.png


    Here's how to activate Caller ID

    • Open Apple settings.svg Settings on your iPhone
    • Tap on Apple Phone.svg Phone
    • Tap on "Caller ID and Blocking"
    • Toggle on Vobbiz.svgVobbiz

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